A quick explainer for myself as much as anything

Why does this exist?

I've spent years–most of my adulthood–trying to find a home. Searching for that lane, that area of focus that I have watched so many of my peers step into and thrive. Trying to maintain a network of connections and feeds diverse enough to suit my increasingly broad range of personal and professional fascinations.

After the last few years and a laundry list of major life changes, I've finally realized that there's no point on the horizon where I find that home. I am going to have to build it myself.

This is the start of that community. I'll begin with people I know are kindred spirits because I have vetted them personally. From there, we'll see where we go.

Ok, so in the meantime, what's all this then?

I'm doing a bit of entertaining myself, a bit of building it public, and a bit of leading by example here.

This is the prototype, this is my invitation to my friends to share smart things that relate to the future we're building.

Some of them may be practical business or health advice.

Some of them may be random observations, completely bonkers mixed-media pieces, or even real-world stuff you can buy and touch and feel and unbox and shit.

Why Edge City?

Because I got tired of searching for another name and so 25 years later after I named my first project in college "Edge City Online" I am bringing it back.

What's it mean? It's a symbol, lifted from Ken Kesey by way of Tom Wolfe in The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test but also borrowing inspirations from Joel Garreau and his book Edge City...

The link has been copied!