Kyle Bunch

Hi, I’m Kyle and I’ve been making internet stuff since 1999.

This site’s name is a nod to the business plan that I wrote in 1999-2000, for a company that would have been called Edge City Online, while I was going through the entrepreneur program in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. In retrospect, we were basically proposing a hybrid of AoL-style dial-up internet access (dude, it was 1999, cut me some slack) and something resembling the early days of BuzzFeed.

The market for well-funded but highly-unprofitable internet startups dried up as we–me and my business partner, Rmac–graduated, dashing our dreams of overpriced office space filled with bean bag chairs and scooters supporting a business with ambitions to attract a bunch of users and then figure out how to make money.

Undaunted, we regrouped after graduation and launched our first site, the (long since defunct) Edge City Chronicle, in 2001. The site ran on Scoop, early blogging software in the days before Movable Type and WordPress had launched and/or reached maturity. In retrospect, this kicked off what has now been 15+ years experimenting and working in the world of social media (I liked it better when it was just blogging).

Over the next few years, we had a few ‘viral’ moments, like the time The O.C. Drinking Game spread far and wide and wound up getting a shout-out in People Magazine. We launched other sites; most of them bombed, but our site dedicated to USC sports, TrojanWire, took off and gave us a few more internet celebrity moments and our first profitable internet endeavor. That led to some additional writing gigs for (later Fox Sports) and the ahead-of-its-time FanHouse (it was an epic gathering of talent, assembled by Jamie Mottram, an influenced much of what was to come in sports media).

At the same time that I was tripping the blog fantastic, I was also working at a small boutique digital agency in Southern California called Pinacol. We worked directly with some clients you’d know (E! Networks, amongst others), but a lot of our work was partnering with “traditional” agencies, like Deutsch LA, TBWA/Chiat/Day and David&Goliath, who had yet to build internal digital capabilities. Those partnerships afforded me the opportunity to work with bigger brands like Kia, Honda, Lexus, MTV, American Express and the earliest days of the Coachella Music Festival.


Something about the whole Blogebrity saga…

Pinacol >> R/GA NY

R/GA NY >> Austin + R/GA SF

Starting Blogs with Balls

Building R/GA’s social practice within MSP

Launching R/GA Austin

Expanding R/GA’s social practice globally

Working across R/GA’s global sports client roster

Shifting into the Ventures space

Today, I am the Managing Director of Partnerships at R/GA Ventures, where I am responsible for driving collaboration between R/GA’s growing startup portfolio and the agency’s global network of clients, including Verizon, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, ESPN and the Los Angeles Dodgers.